Olive leaf extract vs Olive Leaf Tea. What is the difference?

Olive leaf extract is created by submerging olive leaves in either alcohol or glycerine for 4 to 6 weeks and agitating the leaves daily. The leaves are strained out of the mixture and the liquid is added to bottles for consumption. This may be repeated several times with the same leaves. It is also important that there are no herbicides or fungicides on the leaves during this process as they will accumulate in the olive leaf extract. It is also important to understand what solvent is being used, generally alcohol or glycerine is used but there are 8 major solvents utilized around the world: water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate.

Matche is an OLIVE LEAF TEA. It is handpicked, sun dried and then ground into a powder. There is no added ingredient and there are no chemicals or additives used in the making of Matche. In addition, our trees are dry-farmed and zero pesticides are used. Another huge difference between an olive leaf extract versus a powdered olive leaf tea like Matche, is that with the powdered olive leaf tea you are consuming the entire leaf and getting all of the nutrients no matter what type of solubility they have, chemical free.

Matche is the world’s first powdered olive tea leaf tea product.

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