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Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea Company Releases Matche at ‘World Tea’

Overview of the 2022 World Tea Expo!

“However, the most interesting booth on this row was a booth by Matche — who made a matcha-powder tea by using the leaves of olive-tree leaves…Yes, this tisane of a drink is exclusively made with olive leaves.” ~ The Oolong Drunk

Image of Matche Logo the world’s first powdered olive tea leaf tea product.
Image of Matche the world’s first powdered olive tea leaf tea product.
Image of Matche the world’s first powdered olive tea leaf tea product.

Matche is the world’s first powdered olive leaf tea product. A division of The Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea Company, Matche is curated from century old olive trees located in the mountains of Sicily, Italy. Handpicked, sun dried and brewed into tea that is overflowing with flavor filled antioxidants. Matche is 100% powdered olive leaves. It is prepared in the style of matcha but instead of using green tea leaves, we use olive leaves.

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, components of olive leaf tea, are two of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature and Matche has up to ten times the antioxidants that is present in traditional green tea. It was created through a process of exploration of underutilized food sources and global nutrition culinary fusion. Matche is Italian born and internationally loved.

Matche Olive Leaf Tea Powder (Olea europaea) (10g Tin) | Premium, Handpicked | Healthy Antioxidants, Natural Wellness, and Amino Acids

Brand: Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea Company

Product Description

Matche is the world’s first powdered olive leaf tea product.

Tea Variety: Olea europaea

Ingredient: 100% Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)

Package: Recyclable Tin

Flavor: Nutritional Grade

Vegan, Non-GMO

0 Calories, 0 Carbs, Matche supplies antioxidants, and powerful amino acids without the calories or carbohydrates.

Appreciate as Hot Teas or Latte

Great for Matche lattes, or just straight Matche teas. Flavor profile and consistency work great for hot and cold beverages alike or even in culinary elements such as cannoli dusting.

Serving size 1/2 Gram

We are small but mighty. We contain no filler, only 100 percent handpicked Olea europaea for each 1/2 gram serving.

What Makes Matche Exceptional?

Made in Italy

Wildly Healthy


Chef Driven

Environmentally Sustainable

International Appeal

Third-party Tested to Ensure Nutritional Quality

What Goes into The Tea?

It all starts with our trees. Our grove consists of hundred year old olive trees blooming with leaves and fresh olives. Our artisan agriculturalists have decades of experience in food and nutrition and are the most highly skilled and passionate operators in Italy. The soil in Sicily is some of the most nutrient-rich in all of Europe.

The Matche Global Initiative

Our experience and knowledge of the global food community was impactful to the calculation of this tea launch. Developing Matche as a global product grown in Italy, processed in New York and sold worldwide fills a need for culinary cultural synchronization while sharing the best we have to offer.

Product details

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1.85 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches; 1.6 Ounces

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea Company

Available on Amazon in US, Mexico & Canada

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マッチェは、世界初の粉末オリーブリーフティー製品です。 The Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea Company の一部門である Matche は、イタリアのシチリアの山にある樹齢 100 年のオリーブの木から厳選されています。厳選され、天日干しされ、風味豊かな抗酸化物質が溢れるお茶に淹れられます。抹茶はオリーブの葉を100%粉末にしたもの。抹茶風に仕上げていますが、緑茶の代わりにオリーブの葉を使用しています。

オリーブリーフティーの成分であるオレウロペインとヒドロキシチロソールは、自然界で最も強力な抗酸化物質の2つであり、マッチェには従来の緑茶に含まれる最大10倍の抗酸化物質が含まれています.それは、十分に活用されていない食料源と世界的な栄養料理の融合を探求するプロセスを通じて作成されました。 Matche はイタリア生まれで、国際的に愛されています。


Olive leaf tea, what are the health benefits?

The potential benefits of olive leaf tea powder, which is a natural source of wellness with therapeutic properties, may include:

  • gastroprotective (protects digestive system)
  • neuroprotective (protects central nervous system)
  • antimicrobial (inhibits microorganism growth)
  • anticancer (reduces risk of cancer)
  • anti-inflammatory (reduces risk of inflammation)
  • antinociceptive (reduces pain stimuli)
  • antioxidant (prevents oxidation or cell damage)

These properties mean that olive leaf tea may help with weight loss, heart health, and herpes breakouts but the science is still relatively new and no outcome can be guaranteed.

Matche, is an organic olive leaf tea harvested in Italy and manufactured in the USA, which powders the leaves of an olive plant. It contains an active ingredient called oleuropein. This nutrient is thought to contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Matche is the world’s first powdered olive tea leaf tea product.

You may have heard how a Mediterranean diet has been linked to a decrease in chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. This is thought to be due to the focus on olive oil, leaves, and fruit in the diet. It’s been used as traditional medicine for centuries in countries like Italy, Greece, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Here’s what research says about the biggest reported benefits of olive leaf tea.

Protects the brain against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Oleuropein is also shown to have a protection against Alzheimer’s disease. The antioxidant effects may also help with preventing damage or loss of dopamine neurons that’s associated with Parkinson’s disease as well.

Improves heart health

Researchers believe premium olive leaf tea powder can have positive effects on atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries, which is the highest risk factor for heart disease. High levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and total cholesterol are risk factors for developing this disease. One animal study from 2015 assessed the effects on cholesterol levels. Rats who took the tea for eight weeks had significantly decreased cholesterol levels.

Lowers blood pressure

Pure olive leaf tea powder from the USA may help lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A 2017 study found that it successfully lowered blood pressure. A lower blood pressure can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Treats type 2 diabetes

A review of olive leaf tea from fresh leaves and type 2 diabetes found that olive leaf oil tea can help improve insulin secretion in cells. Animal studies have shown that it may:

  • reduce hyperglycemia
  • reduce hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin in the blood)
  • reduce blood glucose, plasma malondialdehyde, and other signs of oxidative stress (an imbalance of free radicals that can harm the body)
  • reduce cholesterol
  • decrease serum glucose
  • increase serum insulin

However, more studies testing on humans are needed. One human study found that people who took it lowered their average blood sugar level and fasting plasma insulin levels. However, insulin levels after eating weren’t significantly affected.

Supports weight management

Along with heart-healthy benefits and type 2 diabetes protection, it makes sense that olive leaf powder could also help with weight loss. An animal study from 2014 researched the effect of it in preventing high-fat, diet-induced obesity. It’s thought that it prevents obesity by regulating the expression of genes that affect weight gain. It can also aid in reducing food intake.

Reduces cancer risk

In one cell study, product from an olive leaf tea company in the usa were shown to stop cancerous cell growth. Researchers suggest that the tea has strong antioxidant properties, but this is also one of the first studies on it and their anticancer effects. More research is needed to prove this benefit.

For more information and a look at the research please visit our olive leaf tea research page.

To purchase Matche visit our e-commerce store, the Amazon shop, or fill out our interest form if you are in need of wholesale.

What is in Matche?

100% pure olive leaves from the foothills of Sicily. Nothing else–ever.

Where is Matche available?

The leaves are from Italy but we powder them in New York, providing the American market with organic olive leaf tea sent from the USA.

Why powdered olive leaves?

The leaves of the olive tree are the richest source of olive phenolic compounds such as oleuropein. Brewing the leaves, like standard loose leaf tea, brings out some of the phenols but the powdered for can provide 100x more.

What is olive leaf tea good for?

Olive leaf tea, especially powdered olive leaf tea may have several potential health benefits, such as helping to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help prevent weight gain, protect against heart disease, help protect against some cancers and decrease someone’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The olive leaves contain high amounts of polyphenols, most importantly oleacein, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.

See the Research page for more specific information on the mechanisms for these potential health benefits.

Does Matche (or any olive leaf tea) have caffeine?

No. Matche does not have any caffeine, which is welcome news to people who are trying to go caffeine free but still want flavor and those who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. This also means it is an excellent choice of beverage before going to sleep.

Why should I use Matche versus an extract?

There are several reasons why Matche is superior to extracts. The most important reason is taste. Matche is a powdered olive leaf tea that was designed to be enjoyed like any other cup of tea. Almost as important is what goes into Matche, which is 100% powdered olive leaves from Sicily, Italy. Our 100+ year old olive trees have developed antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols to protect itself against the intense Sicilian summer sun, chilly Mediterranean winters and drought. With an extract you may not be getting those additional benefits.

Is olive leaf tea good for the lungs?

At least one study has found that orally consuming oleuropein from powdered olive leaves reduced the airway influx of eosinophils and lymphocytes as well as IL-4 secretion in lung promoted by OVA inhalation or CS. In addition, oleuropein suppressed infiltration of macrophages and neutrophils through blocking OVA inhalation- and CS-promoted induction of ICAM-1, F4/80, CD68, and CD11b in airways. The researchers concluded that this may be a promising anti-inflammatory agent for asthma and COPD. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How much olive leaf tea should you drink in a day?

Matche is very potent so you should not have more than 2 cups of tea a day utilizing 500mg or 1/2 gram per cup. You may add as much liquid as you would like but generally the best flavor is found with 6-8 ounces. You can also use Matche to make lattes and dustings for fresh fruit, cakes, or even chocolate.

How long does it take for olive leaf tea to work?

Research has shown that the phenolic compounds from olive leaves are highly bioavailable. The absorption of ligistroside-aglycone, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and oleuropein-aglycone was 55–60% in human subjects. In animal studies, these compounds have found their way various tissues in between 1 and 4 hours but it may take up to 2 days in humans.

Can I drink olive leaf tea everyday?

There are no official guidelines on how much olive leaf tea a person should drink everyday. In most human studies, participants consumed 500mg or 1/2 gram of powdered olive leaf tea twice a day. You should always speak with you doctor before using anything to treat a specific condition as this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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